Roomba! The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Cats!

If you have one or more cats, you know that cat hair can be especially challenging for vacuum cleaners. It’s hard to get out of the carpet and it can clog your vacuum and cause it to wear out quickly. This can get tiresome and expensive as you need to have your vacuum repaired or replaced on a regular basis.

With Roomba, the robot vacuum, you can stay on top of the cat hair problem because you can program frequent vacuuming sessions and get cat hair out of your carpet before it has a chance to become imbedded. A quick cleaning at the end of each day will prevent the problem of cat hair clogs in the system.

Robot Vacuums Have Charms To Soothe The Savage Beast!

You might think that effortless daily cat hair removal alone would be enough benefit to convince cat lovers to invest in a Roomba, but wait! There’s more! Not only can a robot vacuum cleaner keep your carpets cat hair free, it can also provide hours of entertainment for your cat and your entire family!

With most vacuum cleaners, cats and dogs flee in terror. Not so with Roomba! Today YouTube is filled with videos of cats sailing around their homes atop the robot vacuum. It’s hard to imagine the thought process a cat must go through to make the decision to hop aboard and go for a spin, but apparently it’s a common one.

Today cats surf the carpet for the purpose of harassing the dog, wrestling the Roomba or sometimes just for fun. There are even cats who engage in this hobby in costume! Look for videos of Roomba-riding cats in super hero costumes, shark costumes and more!

The World’s First Amusing Vacuum Cleaner!

It’s easy to see that the lightweight, efficient, affordable Roomba is a must have for serious cat lovers who are intent upon keeping their floors clean while amusing their felines and themselves!

Baby Monitors: Overview

A baby monitor, otherwise called a baby alarm, is a radio system used to remotely listen to sounds made by a newborn child. An audio monitor comprises of a transmitter unit, furnished with a receiver, set close to the youngster. It transmits the sounds by radio waves to a receiver unit with a speaker carried by, or close to, the individual looking after the baby. Some baby monitors give two-way communication which permits the guardian to talk back to the child (guardian talk-back). Some permit music to be played to the youngster. A monitor with a camcorder and receiver is frequently called a baby cam.

One of the essential uses of baby monitors is to permit attendants to hear when a newborn child wakes, while out of immediate listening distance of the baby. Albeit regularly utilized, there is no proof that these monitors avoid SIDS, and numerous specialists trust they give a misguided sense of security.

Video Baby Monitors (baby cams)

Some of the best baby monitors utilize a camcorder to show pictures on the receiver, either by connecting the recipient to a TV or by including a portable LCD screen. This type of surveillance camera is frequently called a baby cam.

Some baby cams can work in the night with low light levels. Most video baby monitors today have a night vision capability. Infrared LEDs appended on the front of the camera permit a parent to see the child in darkness. Video baby monitors that have night vision mode will change to this mode in the dark.

Baby monitor keeps on developing and now also can use components, for example, night lights and implicit children’s songs. These are not accessible in all monitors. Some incorporate temperature and movement observing gadgets to sit underneath the bedding or near to the child inside of a bed.

Movement monitors

A baby movement monitor utilizes sensor pads put under the crib sleeping pad to recognize movement, if movements stop for over 20 seconds an alarm will sound.

Wired and wireless

Baby monitor usually utilize remote systems, but can as well utilize wires or may work over existing household wiring, for example, X10.

Wireless systems utilize radio frequencies that are assigned by governments for unlicensed use. For instance, in North America frequencies almost 902 MHz or 2.4 GHz, 49 MHz are accessible. While these frequencies are not relegated to capable TV or radio television transmitters, obstruction from different remote gadgets, for example, cordless phones, remote toys, PC remote systems, radar, Smart Power Meters and microwave ovens is possible.

Advanced Audio wireless frameworks utilizing DECT, are impervious to impedance and have a range up to 300 m.

Analog sound transmissions can be picked at a distance from the home by a scanner receiver or other baby monitor receiver, thus introduce a danger to security as long as the transmitter is turned on. Digital transmission, for example, Frequency-hopping spread spectrum gives a level of security from casual interception.

Some wireless baby monitors support more than one cameras on one handheld monitor receiver. These frameworks are even good with a standard remote security camera.

FM transmitters, combined with a mouthpiece can be a cheap solution for a DIY baby monitor, since clock radios can likewise be utilized as one.

Why The Apple TV Stands Out From The Rest

Apple is most well known for their tablets and phones, but they are a large enterprise and have invested in many different areas of technology. One of their great products that doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves is the Apple TV. Not actually a television itself, but rather a small box with internet capabilities that is connected to your TV.

What You Get With Apple TV.

You might be wondering what makes the latest Apple TV release stand out from the competitors with similar products. To start with, you get beautiful 1080p resolution right out the box. You also have constant access to any media that is stored on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer. If you’re the kind of person who likes the idea of inter-connectivity between all of your devices, then you’ll love the Apple TV.

Your Favorite iTunes Releases.

Millions of people already rely on iTunes for their entertainment, whether it’s the latest movies or music. You get all of the same iTunes you’re familiar with, except it’s right on your television. This means you can quickly catch up on the shows you’ve missed or watch the latest movies without waiting for them to come on television.

Live Television As Well.

There’s more to this device than just access to your saved media and the iTunes store. You also have access to live television from the many different Apple partners in weather, sports, and news. No more missing your favorite sports games or waiting for commercials during your Wall Street programming. You can quickly check the forecast before you leave or relax at home and listen to your favorite iTunes radio stations.

All of your information, media, and favorite shows are stored in the iCloud. Pretty much anything you can store in the iCloud can be viewed on your Apple TV as well as any other device with an iOS. This is really what sets the Apple TV apart from all of the competition. No other company brings all of your favorite devices together in quite the same way.

Soundproofing a Home Increases Privacy and Comfort

Once you enter your home, you will be happy if you can have a quiet and peaceful time, which can be ensured if you pay attention to soundproofing the ceilings, walls and floors of your home. It is best if this is done at the time of construction, as it then becomes easy to add mass to the various building elements, which will then act to reduce the sound coming into your home.

In case you have missed this, or have bought a home that was already built, there are certain things that you can do, to reduce the noise coming into the home from outside. For starters you can ensure that your windows have heavy drapes which have the capacity to absorb sound. Carpets on the floors can deaden noise in the home. Ceilings may require some additions to be made to them, like false ceilings or insulation in attics. One small changed that you can make to windows, which can really make a great change to noise levels is to, is to convert them to double or triple glazing. They will greatly reduce noise from outside, and as a bonus, will be very effective in adding to the insulation in your home and reducing energy bills.

Walls are one structural part of a home that are conductors of noise and adding some mass to them can act as effective soundproofing. Mass loaded vinyl can be added behind drywall and will act to reflect sound. There are other foam mats that are also good for absorbing the sound, and can be installed easily in the cavity behind dry walls. Sound dampers are liquid products that can be added to drywalls and also serve to reduce the noise levels in a room.

Sound can also get into homes through the space between doors, and windows and their jambs, and this can be reduced by having proper seals, which will also be a big aid to insulation. Another material that is also quite commonly used to soundproof homes is acoustic tiles. These are made of sound absorbing material and come in convenient tiles that can be easily fixed to any existing ceiling or wall to help to soundproof any living space. One great advantage of these tiles is that many of them also allow for easy painting over them, so that once they are installed, they will be indistinguishable from other walls.

You will also notice that a home and rooms that are empty reflect sound and this reduces drastically as the room is filled up with furniture and furnishings. If you are looking to set up a recording studio or music room in your home, den or basement, you will need to pay attention to all parts of the enclosed space. You can go in for floating floors, false ceilings, double doors and glazing, and walls with the right soundproofing materials attached to them. Be careful that you pay attention to room sizes, as all these additions can lead to room sizes reducing.

Benefits Of Satellite TV

Are you looking to get satellite TV? If so, you would be happy to know that there are numerous benefits of doing so. Compared to cable, there are plenty of benefits that should have you leaning towards investing in satellite. In this article, we will be going over some of the main benefits of satellite TV over cable.

Benefits Of Satellite:

1. Pricing.

One of the biggest benefits that you are going to get with satellite TV is the fact that it is typically cheaper than cable. This is because it costs a lot less to provide this type of service as opposed to cable. While the installation costs may be higher with satellite, you are going to experience a ton of savings over the long haul when you choose to go with satellite over cable.

2. Customer Service.

Another huge benefit of choosing satellite over cable is the level of customer service that you are going to get. Both satellite providers are known for having better customer service and customer satisfaction year after year. Because of this, you are going to generally be happier with satellite. Whenever you have an issue, problem, or question, you should be able to get a faster response with them than with cable. Troubleshooting is also a lot easier because you do not have to deal with individual cables.

3. Reliability.

Another huge benefit that you are going to get with satellite is the fact that it is incredibly reliable. Because each system is pretty much stand alone, there are a lot fewer parts that can fail in an individual satellite as opposed to a cable system. Most of the problems that people experience with cable is due to an issue with the distribution point and/or the customers home. If the problem occurs at the distribution point, pretty much everyones cable that is routed through it is going to go down. This isn’t the case when you invest in satellite. You do not have to worry about your service going down because of problems like this.

4. Better Signal.

Because a satellite transmits 100% digital signals, you are going to be able to eliminate static completely from your system. If the dish can receive the signal to your home, the system is going to be able to give you a clear picture. Because of this, you are going to be able to get a better overall picture and more reliable service. Also, satellite services typically provide a much friendlier and better user interface which allows for much easier function.

As you can see, there are plenty of different benefits that you are going to get when you subscribe to satellite TV rather than cable. Not only are you going to save a ton of money in the long run, but you are also going to get a much better and much more reliable service both in terms of function and customer service. Consider switching to satellite if you find yourself having problems with your cable provider.

Small Appliances To Use At Home

A small appliance is basically a portable or semi-portable appliance that can be utilized around the home to make life more comfortable. This can be around the kitchen, the living room or in the bedroom. In this article, we shall highlight some of the commonly used home appliances that can be categorized as being small appliances.

In addition to giving examples of such appliances, we shall determine their price ranges, power requirements and any other parameter that leads to their classification as small appliances. Are they small because we can easily carry them with our hands or is it that they are smaller versions of their bigger counterparts? Well, let’s stop wondering and find out just what a small appliance is.

The definition of a small appliance that seems to auger well with everyone, is that it is a domestic appliance that is used on counter-tops or table-tops to help the homeowner fulfil a certain task with great ease. This implies that coffee makers, toasters, humidifiers, microwave ovens among other household appliances that are of the same nature qualify to be called small appliances.

From the list of appliances that have been mentioned above, it will be okay to understand small appliances as those that are physically small in size. This implies that refrigerators and washing machines are excluded from this category of appliances due to their relative huge sizes. An iron box, on the other hand, fits the definition and is also considered to be a small appliance.

The toaster and the microwave oven are merely the smaller versions of the much bigger oven that is almost ten times the size of a microwave oven. Thus, our second assumption that small appliances are smaller versions of a much bigger appliance holds for the case of a toaster and a microwave oven. With that much ammunition, we may conclude that we now have perfect knowledge of what a small appliance is.

So now, of what use are these small appliances to us? Or to be more precise, why do we need small appliances in our homes? Small appliances play a very important role in our lives. They are made smaller relative to their commercial counterparts so that you can conveniently perform the commercial processes at home. Waffle irons, blenders, food processors, ovens, and coffee makers are all designed for home applications but have commercial replicas too.

Here is list of some of the small appliances and the tasks that they can help accomplish at home.

o Heating – electric heater

o Cooling – air conditioner

o Lighting – lighting fixtures

o Cooking – microwave open, rice cooker, sandwich toaster

o Beverage making – coffee maker, electric kettles, blenders

Apart from their small size, another distinguishing feature is their power requirements. Most of these small appliances are electrically powered with a few hand-held ones working on battery power. This is because unlike their commercial counterparts, small appliances require much less power. The electrical ones have permanent or detachable electrical cords that are plugged into a wall outlet.

The prices of most small appliances is also fairly cheap compared to the price of commercial appliances.

Time To Talk Tech

I am pretty excited to start my blog here where I can talk about one of my favorite things – new technology! I’m looking forward to sharing some of my thoughts and opinions on every area of tech – from tech at home to tech at work to tech in our cars. A recent tech related news story that interested me is the big story on how hackers might be able to take control of your car. If you missed the story when it was first online everywhere, check it out in the video below.