If you have one or more cats, you know that cat hair can be especially challenging for vacuum cleaners. It’s hard to get out of the carpet and it can clog your vacuum and cause it to wear out quickly. This can get tiresome and expensive as you need to have your vacuum repaired or replaced on a regular basis.

With Roomba, the robot vacuum, you can stay on top of the cat hair problem because you can program frequent vacuuming sessions and get cat hair out of your carpet before it has a chance to become imbedded. A quick cleaning at the end of each day will prevent the problem of cat hair clogs in the system.

Robot Vacuums Have Charms To Soothe The Savage Beast!

You might think that effortless daily cat hair removal alone would be enough benefit to convince cat lovers to invest in a Roomba, but wait! There’s more! Not only can a robot vacuum cleaner keep your carpets cat hair free, it can also provide hours of entertainment for your cat and your entire family!

With most vacuum cleaners, cats and dogs flee in terror. Not so with Roomba! Today YouTube is filled with videos of cats sailing around their homes atop the robot vacuum. It’s hard to imagine the thought process a cat must go through to make the decision to hop aboard and go for a spin, but apparently it’s a common one.

Today cats surf the carpet for the purpose of harassing the dog, wrestling the Roomba or sometimes just for fun. There are even cats who engage in this hobby in costume! Look for videos of Roomba-riding cats in super hero costumes, shark costumes and more!

The World’s First Amusing Vacuum Cleaner!

It’s easy to see that the lightweight, efficient, affordable Roomba is a must have for serious cat lovers who are intent upon keeping their floors clean while amusing their felines and themselves!