Small Appliances To Use At Home

A small appliance is basically a portable or semi-portable appliance that can be utilized around the home to make life more comfortable. This can be around the kitchen, the living room or in the bedroom. In this article, we shall highlight some of the commonly used home appliances that can be categorized as being small appliances.

In addition to giving examples of such appliances, we shall determine their price ranges, power requirements and any other parameter that leads to their classification as small appliances. Are they small because we can easily carry them with our hands or is it that they are smaller versions of their bigger counterparts? Well, let’s stop wondering and find out just what a small appliance is.

The definition of a small appliance that seems to auger well with everyone, is that it is a domestic appliance that is used on counter-tops or table-tops to help the homeowner fulfil a certain task with great ease. This implies that coffee makers, toasters, humidifiers, microwave ovens among other household appliances that are of the same nature qualify to be called small appliances.

From the list of appliances that have been mentioned above, it will be okay to understand small appliances as those that are physically small in size. This implies that refrigerators and washing machines are excluded from this category of appliances due to their relative huge sizes. An iron box, on the other hand, fits the definition and is also considered to be a small appliance.

The toaster and the microwave oven are merely the smaller versions of the much bigger oven that is almost ten times the size of a microwave oven. Thus, our second assumption that small appliances are smaller versions of a much bigger appliance holds for the case of a toaster and a microwave oven. With that much ammunition, we may conclude that we now have perfect knowledge of what a small appliance is.

So now, of what use are these small appliances to us? Or to be more precise, why do we need small appliances in our homes? Small appliances play a very important role in our lives. They are made smaller relative to their commercial counterparts so that you can conveniently perform the commercial processes at home. Waffle irons, blenders, food processors, ovens, and coffee makers are all designed for home applications but have commercial replicas too.

Here is list of some of the small appliances and the tasks that they can help accomplish at home.

o Heating – electric heater

o Cooling – air conditioner

o Lighting – lighting fixtures

o Cooking – microwave open, rice cooker, sandwich toaster

o Beverage making – coffee maker, electric kettles, blenders

Apart from their small size, another distinguishing feature is their power requirements. Most of these small appliances are electrically powered with a few hand-held ones working on battery power. This is because unlike their commercial counterparts, small appliances require much less power. The electrical ones have permanent or detachable electrical cords that are plugged into a wall outlet.

The prices of most small appliances is also fairly cheap compared to the price of commercial appliances.