Apple is most well known for their tablets and phones, but they are a large enterprise and have invested in many different areas of technology. One of their great products that doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves is theĀ Apple TV. Not actually a television itself, but rather a small box with internet capabilities that is connected to your TV.

What You Get With Apple TV.

You might be wondering what makes the latest Apple TV release stand out from the competitors with similar products. To start with, you get beautiful 1080p resolution right out the box. You also have constant access to any media that is stored on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer. If you’re the kind of person who likes the idea of inter-connectivity between all of your devices, then you’ll love the Apple TV.

Your Favorite iTunes Releases.

Millions of people already rely on iTunes for their entertainment, whether it’s the latest movies or music. You get all of the same iTunes you’re familiar with, except it’s right on your television. This means you can quickly catch up on the shows you’ve missed or watch the latest movies without waiting for them to come on television.

Live Television As Well.

There’s more to this device than just access to your saved media and the iTunes store. You also have access to live television from the many different Apple partners in weather, sports, and news. No more missing your favorite sports games or waiting for commercials during your Wall Street programming. You can quickly check the forecast before you leave or relax at home and listen to your favorite iTunes radio stations.

All of your information, media, and favorite shows are stored in the iCloud. Pretty much anything you can store in the iCloud can be viewed on your Apple TV as well as any other device with an iOS. This is really what sets the Apple TV apart from all of the competition. No other company brings all of your favorite devices together in quite the same way.